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3 Icon Texture Packs (310 individual textures in total)

Hello all, happy belated New Year! I've been gone a spell, snowed under with work and study and life. I've been saving up all my textures that I've made in fits and starts - I just didn't really have a chance to post them until now. In this post you'll find all 310 individual textures and download links to the three texture packs they belong to. I uploaded one of these back at the end of July last year (crumbs, really? 2018 sure got away from me!) so apologies if you've seen it twice already.

I'd sure like to say 2019 will be different, but it's already shaping up to be another bonkers year. We'll just have to take it as it comes at us, won't we? :)

download at deviantart (2.6 MB)

download at deviantart (1.4 MB)

download at deviantart (1.7 MB)

Tags: !resource, textures (icon size)
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