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icons & resources by lookslikerain
2 Icon Texture Packs 
9th-Apr-2016 07:53 pm
movie → lotr: right beside you
Hello poppets! Hope you are all doing fabulously. Let's see here... we've got 2 icon texture packs hot and fresh out of the oven. And by hot and fresh, I mean I uploaded one of these about a week ago, and my lazy bum is just posting them here now. I told myself I would get better at this. Nuts. Still a week ain't bad, right? Sush now; no tears, only dreams...

Anyway, onwards we toil; take, comment, credit if you so wish and enjoy.

zip download at DA (1.7 MB) | full preview

zip download at DA (1.8 MB) | full preview
9th-Apr-2016 01:31 pm (UTC)
These are delicious!

Taking, thank you!
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