May 5th, 2020

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3 Icon Texture Packs and an Announcement

Okay, okay - I know I have been slack as hell. Life has sort of snuck up on me. I blinked in July 2019 and I found myself in the run up to Christmas. And then I got some personal news just after New Years, which is both exciting and frightening, and I blinked again it's already May 2020! I haven't been completely inactive during my away time - in fact, some of you may have seen these textures posted directly to my DA page. Well, here they finally are in all their individual glory - there's 3 icon packs in total (that's 345 individual textures under the cut)

So onto that announcement hey? Well, I may as well rip off the bandaid - I will be putting this community onto indefinite hiatus after this post. I'll put some more detail into the sticky post shortly.

Anyway, onto the textures.

download @ da

download @ da

download @ da

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Announcement: soaked is now on indefinite hiatus

I am sure you can see this coming (and not just because I mentioned this in my last post!) I will be putting this community onto indefinite hiatus. You remember that personal news I mentioned in my last texture post? Well, I will be having a bub in September, which means I won't be able to devote any time to this place for a good while. And lets be real, I haven't really been active on here for some time, even though I still lurk a bit. Those of you that know my story might remember I went through some pretty horrid stuff a while back, so be able to put the community on hiatus for something a bit more positive like this is a lovely change.

Rest assured, I won't be taking anything down and all my textures shall remain for as long as the imgur/DA servers are running. That said, you may want to download what you want, while you still can! The Internet is a fickle beast.

I know I have said this before but thank you - thank you for being so kind to my corner of the internet and for supporting this community all these years. And it has been YEARS. I started this community back in 2005 (!!! - holy frick I am officially old!) and it's been quite a ride seeing the icon community change and grow. Looking back through some of my older posts, I have certainly changed and grown as a we've travelled along. Geez, some of my early stuff was truly horrid, but I've kept it in place. It's good to be able to reflect on where you've come from, even if those places weren't great!

I crunched some numbers, and since the inception of soaked I have posted:

- 10757 textures (of varying sizes)
- 6871 icons (not including rejects that never made it to posting)
- 3 mood themes (remember those???)
- a small number of other random things, including wallpapers and fanmixes (before Spotify was a thing!)

So yeah, that's a lot of textures. Maybe not as many as some? But it seems like a lot for me! I've always considered my community more a texture comm than a graphics one, and I guess those numbers confirm that.

I cannot express how grateful I am for everything and I hope in some small way I have been able to help on your icon making journeys :')

Keep creating and be kind to yourself.

Take care,
lookslikerain // soaked