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icons & resources by lookslikerain
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28th-Jan-2017 12:47 pm - 45 Misc Icons
vintage  →  we shall overcome
45 misc icons - a weird little post full of random little icons. I'm trying to get better at posting things at in semi-regular fashion. Some of these I'm really not 100% happy with, but trying to push myself out of a rut, so that means just f*cking doing something.

Subjects included in this post: The Crown, Bates Motel, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (2016), Firefly, Hannibal, Shadowhunters, Castiel from SPN, art and stock icons and vintage photography.

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16th-Jan-2017 08:54 am - 2 Texture Packs
vintage → twirl and dance
Howdy folks! Happy New Year and all that fluff :) Hope yours is off to a better start than mine (woe is me) - I have the blasted flu! So you know that means it's texture making time! I have two texture packs up for grabbity grabs. Get them while they're hot - like feverishly hot. Sitting-on-the-sun hot. Then cold. Drowning-in-the-Arctic-Sea cold. Then hot again. Where was I? Hm.

As usual - take, comment and credit if you so wish and enjoy!

zip download at DA (3.9 MB)

zip download at DA (1.6 MB)

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1st-Dec-2016 08:20 pm - 28 World of Warcraft Icons
gaming → wow: tyrande
28 World of Warcraft icons. Better pop on your shades, I've set the saturation on these to 11 and blown out my speakers. I've just re-subbed and felt like having some super bright icons. They are mostly of the ladies, but there's a few dudes in here too. Pretty even spread of Horde and Alliance, so hopefully there's something here for you.

Take, comment and credit if you so wish and enjoy.

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3rd-Nov-2016 10:38 am - 134 Miscellaneous Icons
movie → lotr: frodo
134 miscellaneous icons - including, but not limited to: Firefy, Blacklist, Avengers, Supernatural, Lord of The Rings, World of Warcraft art, paintings including some art deco stuff (Alphonse Mucha) and a couple of stock icons and one random Deadpool icon, because why not? These have mostly been made for icontests, except the art ones which are just for the pretty. Figured I should finally post them. :)

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23rd-Oct-2016 08:51 pm - 2 Texture Packs
movie → lotr: right beside you
Hello all! Below you'll find two texture packs (one 300x300 and the other 100x100) that you may have already seen on my DA account. I've been a bit slack with crossposting. A thousand humble apologies. Also, imgur threw the individual textures a bit out of order and I just can't move myself to put them right. Ah well, life will go on. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As usual - take, comment and credit if you wish.

zip download at DA (7.9 MB)

zip download at DA (1.3 MB)

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1st-Aug-2016 10:32 am - 300x300 Texture Pack
gaming → mass effect: otp lol
1 300x300 texture pack. What's this? Another weirdly sized texture pack? Must be my fever-addled brain. Some of these are a bit... weird. And I am not sure how useful they are. Again, I am blaming being out of sorts. Perhaps just use them as a cautionary tale instead? I don't know, maybe someone will find them... something something.

So, blame credit where credit is due - these were made from scans taken from The British Library's flickr (public domain, which they [and I] encourage the re-use of, since they are awesome). If you feel like exploring the collection, you can find it here. Beware though; there's over a million images. Better take snacks!

zip download at DA (2.6 MB)

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22nd-Jul-2016 08:27 am - 2 Icon Texture Packs
vintage → all in the hips
Hello all - I'm back! With presents! :) 2 icon texture packs as both a download and individual textures for your perusal. Apologies if you've already seen these posted on my DA - I've been slack as hell and it's taken me a bit to get to here.

As usual - take, comment and credit if you so wish and enjoy!

zip download at DA (1.7 MB)

zip download at DA (703 KB)

individual textures under this cutCollapse )
stock → dino pattern

Do you know what time is is? :D

It's time for Part 2 of my texture back-posting. For the uninitiated, Part 1 can be found in this post. I hope you managed to firmly re-attach your butts from the last time I did this, cause it's happening again. And look, I can already hear you asking, Why are you doing this and when will you stop? Will there be a 3rd post? Probably, cause I am studiously skiving off from my responsibilities, so the chances are high I have a least one more post in me before it all goes to heck and I am crushed by life into a pancake.

PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE REPOSTS! There are no new textures in here, just old packs now available for individual download. Interestingly, comparing these to my last post, the packs get less bright and colourful as I moved back in time. And yeah, not as good, but I am committed to posting this now, so onwards I go. I suppose if one wanted to, one could infer that I am in better place now than I was when I was making these... and I guess you'd be right. Not to get all serious on you, but it's taken me a bit to get to this point, so thanks for being so nice to my little patch of the internet. Well, that and I've upgraded PS in the meantime and now have the option to set vibrance to 100. Which I do. A lot, now. Anyway, where were we? Ah, yes.

Just like last time, they are small, but many. So, here's your warning:
760 individual icon (100x100) textures under the cut

And just in case it's not clear (of if you are like me, click the cut without reading the post) I'll put it once more in the cut text.

SECOND WARNING: IMAGE HEAVY - 760 individual icon textures under the cutCollapse )
24th-May-2016 11:12 am - 110 Icon Textures
tv → spn: what i thought and what i said
110 icon textures for the taking. This might be my last post for a little while. I have some things on the horizon that may or may not take up my a lot of my attention and energy. I say might, because I am a terrible person who shirks what she needs to do and faffs about on the computer when it all gets too hard. Responsibilities? HA! Internet, FOREVER. At any rate, if I am gone for a bit, take care of yourselves and be excellent to each other! :)

You know the drill - take, comment and credit if you so wish and enjoy.

zip download at DA (2.5 MB)

110 icon textures under the cutCollapse )
14th-May-2016 08:51 pm - 50 Icon Textures (200x200)
tv → sense8; fight for it
50 200x200 icon texture pack for the taking. Nope, that's not a typo - that's the actual size. Thought I'd try something a little different. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As usual - take, comment and credit if you so wish and enjoy.

zip download at DA (2.0 MB)

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