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icons & resources by lookslikerain
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14th-Mar-2017 10:16 am - On Hiatus Until Further Notice
art → washed out to sea

Hi folks. This is going to be my last post here for a little while. I've had a hell of a week and gone through an ectopic pregnancy. I'm currently recovering the resulting surgery and emotional fallout from that. It's all still pretty raw and I need to take a step back and focus on healing myself for a little while. I try to keep this community free from my personal stuff and more focused more on textures and icons, so I won't go into the details but if your a curious soul, you can read more about what I went through on my tumblr. Ectopic pregnancies are seriously hell and not something that seems to be talked about. I guess I am trying to find my voice in the darkness, and perhaps let others that may be going through this same hell know that they are not alone.

I hope you understand or empathise with my decision, and can be patient with me while I work through what I have in front of me. You might see me about the traps, but I probably won't be posting here until I am ready. So, this is certainly not a goodbye-forever, just a see-you-later.

As always, thank you for being so kind to my little patch of the internet.

Take care for now,
Sarah xox
5th-Mar-2017 06:01 pm - 25 Sense8 Icons
stock → drag me down
20 Sense8 icons (plus 5 alts) made for inspo #2: embrace diverse representation at monthlyinspo. I really liked this challenge a lot!


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19th-Feb-2017 08:52 pm - 60 icon textures
movie → zootopia: huff-fluff
60 icon textures - you know the drill :)

zip download at DA (1.2 MB)

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10th-Feb-2017 01:06 pm - 29 Firefly/Serenity icons
tv → firefly: she'll fly true
20 Firefly/Serenity icons plus 9 alts, all made for inspo #1: blazing blue at monthlyinspo. I'll be honest, I got pretty sick of making blue icons towards the end, haha :P But it was good to keep pushing through and forcing myself to do something different than I normally do. Some are more blue than others, but I was trying to keep it from looking to samey.

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28th-Jan-2017 12:47 pm - 45 Misc Icons
vintage  →  we shall overcome
45 misc icons - a weird little post full of random little icons. I'm trying to get better at posting things at in semi-regular fashion. Some of these I'm really not 100% happy with, but trying to push myself out of a rut, so that means just f*cking doing something.

Subjects included in this post: The Crown, Bates Motel, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (2016), Firefly, Hannibal, Shadowhunters, Castiel from SPN, art and stock icons and vintage photography.

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16th-Jan-2017 08:54 am - 2 Texture Packs
vintage → twirl and dance
Howdy folks! Happy New Year and all that fluff :) Hope yours is off to a better start than mine (woe is me) - I have the blasted flu! So you know that means it's texture making time! I have two texture packs up for grabbity grabs. Get them while they're hot - like feverishly hot. Sitting-on-the-sun hot. Then cold. Drowning-in-the-Arctic-Sea cold. Then hot again. Where was I? Hm.

As usual - take, comment and credit if you so wish and enjoy!

zip download at DA (3.9 MB)

zip download at DA (1.6 MB)

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1st-Dec-2016 08:20 pm - 28 World of Warcraft Icons
gaming → wow: tyrande
28 World of Warcraft icons. Better pop on your shades, I've set the saturation on these to 11 and blown out my speakers. I've just re-subbed and felt like having some super bright icons. They are mostly of the ladies, but there's a few dudes in here too. Pretty even spread of Horde and Alliance, so hopefully there's something here for you.

Take, comment and credit if you so wish and enjoy.

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3rd-Nov-2016 10:38 am - 134 Miscellaneous Icons
movie → lotr: frodo
134 miscellaneous icons - including, but not limited to: Firefy, Blacklist, Avengers, Supernatural, Lord of The Rings, World of Warcraft art, paintings including some art deco stuff (Alphonse Mucha) and a couple of stock icons and one random Deadpool icon, because why not? These have mostly been made for icontests, except the art ones which are just for the pretty. Figured I should finally post them. :)

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23rd-Oct-2016 08:51 pm - 2 Texture Packs
movie → lotr: right beside you
Hello all! Below you'll find two texture packs (one 300x300 and the other 100x100) that you may have already seen on my DA account. I've been a bit slack with crossposting. A thousand humble apologies. Also, imgur threw the individual textures a bit out of order and I just can't move myself to put them right. Ah well, life will go on. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As usual - take, comment and credit if you wish.

zip download at DA (7.9 MB)

zip download at DA (1.3 MB)

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1st-Aug-2016 10:32 am - 300x300 Texture Pack
gaming → mass effect: otp lol
1 300x300 texture pack. What's this? Another weirdly sized texture pack? Must be my fever-addled brain. Some of these are a bit... weird. And I am not sure how useful they are. Again, I am blaming being out of sorts. Perhaps just use them as a cautionary tale instead? I don't know, maybe someone will find them... something something.

So, blame credit where credit is due - these were made from scans taken from The British Library's flickr (public domain, which they [and I] encourage the re-use of, since they are awesome). If you feel like exploring the collection, you can find it here. Beware though; there's over a million images. Better take snacks!

zip download at DA (2.6 MB)

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