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24th-Oct-2015 06:43 pm - Textures and an Update
tv → firefly: ruggedly handsome
Hello comrades! *blows dust off journal* It's been a little while... holy sh*t, August?! That's when I last posted?? Where does the time go! At any rate, a thousand humble apologies. I've been having some computer troubles (HD died) so it's taken me a while to reinstall all my programs and get back into the swing of things.

When I installed my new HD, I thought I would treat myself and upgrade to CS6 (from CS3) as it's last version you can actually buy without having to purchase a subscription, which I hate. FU Adobe, call me old-fashioned, but I kinda just want to own the program. And holy frak, didn't think that much would change, but I am finding harder than I though and fumbling over things again. Haven't felt this out of sync since I switched from JASC Animation Shop 3 (YES OKAY I AM OLD) over to Photoshop 5. Even the move from Photoshop 7 to CS3 didn't seem this much of a learning curve. But now? Why is my crop function all weird? Where the heck did the paint daubs filter go? Ah feck, all my old actions are gone! So, yes having to relearn it all is a bit of a struggle for me in my old age... thank god for Google. /potters about on her zimmer frame

Anyway, enough of my bitching, I have 1 texture pack and a couple of large textures for you all.

download from DA (2.8 MB) | full preview

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7th-Aug-2015 03:20 pm - 20 Firefly Icons for inspired20in20
tv → firefly: all aboard
20 Firefly/Serenity icons for Round 49: Be Gentle at inspired20in20. I actually found this challange quite hard - I kept having to remind myself to stop and hold back on what I was doing. As a result, there's only 20. No more, no less.

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30th-Jul-2015 04:42 pm - 2 Icon Texture Packs
art → dali: flowerhead
2 icon texture packs. Changing the way I do previews, thoughts welcome.

You know the drill, folks - comment and credit if you so wish and enjoy.

zip download (1.7 MB) | full preview

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17th-Jul-2015 08:18 pm - 106 Random Art Icons
art → strike a chord
106 random icons. Art, photos, vintage illustrations, sci-fi book covers, vintage Star Trek art, vintage comics and other strange stuff. Yeah, strap yourself in, sucker. Also, a few illustrated boobies. So, yeah - be warned if that bothers you.

As usual - take, comment and credit if you so wish and enjoy.

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4th-Jul-2015 07:55 pm - Sense8 icons
tv → sense8; fight for it
20 Sense8 icons and 10 alternates for Round 48 at inspired20in20. The theme was Geek Out! and honestly, I could not have picked a better show for this round, since I smashed this show so hard on Netflix. There were several days in row I showed up to work with bags under my eyes, cause I just had to watch one more episode the night before. Love, love, loved it. And it was soooo pretty to watch. Even the opening credits are beautiful.

Aside from that - for the most part, I tend to take away mainly colours of inspiration posts, so I tried to limit that and branch into different ways of expressing the themes. The word gifted stuck out, the show being what it is, but wasn't really enough, so I also picked out off-centre, and tried to apply this to (some of) my cropping. For someone who used to dislike centre crops, I had a surprisingly hard time sticking to this one. After that, I went after trying to emulate some of the text work and composition, which, lets be honest, has never been my strong suit! But I struggled through for a few icons, and then moved onto using some of the provided textures, or looking for similar textures in the provided icons. Then I caved and went back to my old standby, colouring to round it out. Quickest I've ever finished a claim. Shocked my socks off.

Anywho, onwards into the fray - as usual, comment, credit if you so wish and enjoy.

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stock → uncomfortable stare
O hai! Sorry I have been so slack at updating these past few months, I've a had a been flat out like a lizard drinking in real life and I haven't really been able to manage cross posting these here. So, you may have already seen these posted to my deviantart account - sorry if you see it twice! I have a bit to catch up on! So, hold onto your butts.

4 icon sized texture packs and 10 large textures. That's 370 textures all in one post - wowzers! Have you ever seen anything so majestic? ;)

zip download (3.4MB) | full preview

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10th-Feb-2015 11:48 am - The Vampire Diaries Icons
tv → the vampire diaries: lips
20 The Vampire Diaries icons plus some alternates for Round 43: Year of the Goat at inspired20in20. This show is sort of my guilty pleasure. I tend to binge watch it if I am home sick, or having a lazy day to myself.

I was very much inspired by the visual aspects of this post. Pale for the most part, with the occasional "strongly" coloured icon thrown in. Also, since the prompt stated that the Goat is creative, I tried to be a bit more experimental in my use of texture. If I have said it once, I've said it a thousand times - for someone that makes a lot of textures, I don't tend to use many at all. I think when I did a rough count last year, it was almost at 7,000 individual textures (big and small)... yeah, I've been doing this awhile. I keep telling myself, this needs to change, and since one of my packs was part of the prompt (which I still have to post here!) I should put my money where my mouth is. Felt a little narcissistic to be honest, but here we are. I also tried to use some of midnight_road's as well.

Anyway, onto the icons.

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26th-Jan-2015 06:46 pm - 70 Art Icons
vintage  →  japan
70 art icons - I use the term loosely. This post contains everything from fine art and vintage photos to weird vintage advertisements. You may notice a pattern in my iconning ;) I apparently like weird, relatively obscure stuff. Ah well. It is what it is.

As usual - take, comment and credit if you so wish and enjoy.

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28th-Sep-2014 01:02 pm - 2 100x100 icon texture packs
stock → spring leaves
2 100x100 icon texture packs up for grabs. Been trying to clean out my hard drive of older icons and textures.

As usual - comment and credit if you so wish and enjoy.

zip download (2.0 MB) | full preview

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28th-Sep-2014 11:55 am - 131 Art Icons
art → bored
131 art icons - everything from fine art to weird vintage advertisements. Some of these are quite old now, I've been pretty lazy about posting them. May be a bit of boobage in these icons, so be warned if that offends your sensibilities. ;)

As usual - take, comment and credit if you so wish and enjoy.

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