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icons & resources by lookslikerain
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24th-Dec-2017 07:36 pm - 2017 Icon Retrospective
stock → dinos! christmas

So, 2017 huh? What a year, what a year. For me personally, I took a few knocks (which kind of shows in my posts) but the end is in sight, and I'm feeling much more positive about the future. As crappy as some parts of the year have been, I guess now is a good time to have at look back at what I managed to put out on the creative front. You can definitely see my moods change with my colour choices. I wouldn't really call this a progression post (I'm not sure the quality has improved at all) but it's more of a 2017 icon retrospective.

I was curious, I did some quick and dirty maths to figure out how much stuff there was - 320 icons (not including all alts and rejects) and 1020 (!!!) textures. Let's take a slide down memory lane... please note these are based off the month I made them, not the month I actually posted them.

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I probably won't have a chance to post anything before 2018 hits, so I hope you all have a fabulous holiday period, and a happy new year! :)
18th-Dec-2017 09:09 pm - 100 icon textures
tv → got: painted in oils
So, whoopsie-daisy, I kind of forgot to post these here. Mea culpa, a thousand humble apologies! BUT, there's 100 icon sized textures in this pack, so maybe it kind of makes up a little? Guess the pack is aptly name, lololol.

zip download at DA (1.7 MB)

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12th-Dec-2017 03:01 pm - 84 Miscellaneous Icons
tv → got: painted in oils
Hey! Here's a thing! Full of ~~things~~... otherwise know as 84 random icons. Mostly made for icon contests and the like. Some were never entered, 'cause I am just terrible at actually submitting them on time.

Subjects include: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Star Wars, Firefly, Westworld, various videogames, Lord of The Rings, vintage photos, pulp fiction covers, and other random bits of art.

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8th-Nov-2017 08:02 pm - 20 Misc Icons
stock → sins laid bare
20 hodge-podge assortment of icons made for Round 9: Pretty in Pink at monthlyinspo. I kind of wanted to icon things that didn't necessarily scream pink. I was... somewhat successful at sticking with that, but a few obvious choices snuck in. Also, I may have gone smidge overboard with the gradient maps. I'm not even sorry.

Subjects include: Star Wars, vintage photos, art, stock, World of Warcraft and Dragon Age. Basically, all the random stuff I enjoy.

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16th-Oct-2017 11:28 am - 50 icon textures
tv → true blood: my what sharp teeth you
50 (kinda) spooky 100x100 icon textures, just in time for Halloween. WOoooOOoooooOOOOoooooo! 👻 /waggles fingers in a spooky manner

zip download at DA (980 KB - aka teeny-tiny)

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4th-Oct-2017 10:04 pm - 2 icon texture packs
gaming → fallout: please stand by
2 icon texture packs - 100 textures in total. You know the drill.

zip download at DA (1.1 MB)

zip download at DA (1.0 MB)

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gaming → wow:  oh noes! my knickers
What is says on the can - 300+ old World of Warcraft icons since Photobucket is now a steaming pile of poop. And by old, I mean really old. I swear some of these are older than organised religion. So, you know, they have lost a few pixels during their lifetime. Be kind to them in their old age, I no longer have the originals.

Also, there are probably duplicated icons in here. Sorry about that. Imgur had a heart attack when I tried to upload them all at once, so I had to do it batches.

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23rd-Aug-2017 07:20 pm - 120 icon textures
art  → the lady in green
Oh hai. So yeah, this happened - 120 strong icon texture pack for you all.

zip download at DA (2.4 MB)

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21st-Jul-2017 11:10 pm - 80 icon textures
vintage → pancake baby
Hi hi. You know what time it is :) 80 icon textures for your grabby hands. One day I'll post bigger textures again, but today is not that day.

zip download at DA (1.8 MB)

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20th-Jun-2017 01:44 pm - 2 icon texture packs
stock → doorways
2 texture packs. Some of the individual textures are sporadically not loading for me. Sorry if it's doing it for you too. You can right click and open the image in a new tab, and it loads fine (for me anyway), so I don't know why it's got it's knickers in such a twist. Oh, well. It's free image hosting, I can't complain too much.

zip download at DA (1.7 MB)

zip download at DA (509 KB)

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